Halbro Cheltenham

Halbro Sportswear

Halbro is a Lancashire based sports clothing company that was established in 1919. Halbro is a family run business established and formed because of a conversation between two friends; one a coal merchant (Hallet); and the other a sports retailer (Broughton) who was explaining how difficult it was to obtain quality rugby clothing. Eventually Halbro was bought by the Moores family in 1961 who integrated a forward thinking production team to constantly expand on quality and design, keeping the company’s position as a market leader in performance sportswear up to present.

Halbro Sportswear Services

  • Providing sportswear apparel for sports clubs, schools, colleges and Universities.
  • Provision of workwear across a various sector.
  • Design and production of bespoke PE apparel.
  • Provision of bespoke & stock leisure ranges
  • “In house” production of all main-stream on and off field sporting apparel.
  • “in house” embroidery service.
  • A design team that can help you realise your team/organisation look.
  • Production of on-line sports shops.
  • An enthusiastic, knowledge, and experience administration team.